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Thank Goodness for Different – A children’s eBook about feeling, well, different.

Meet Lilly.

Lilly feels different, and that doesn’t make her very happy. Lilly’s mother explains to her that we are all different, and shows her how the things that make us different can make our world a better, more beautiful place for everyone. She beautifully illustrates to Lilly what the world might be like if everyone and everything was the same. Lilly starts to see that the world needs “different”, and starts to think about all the things that she is that make her unique.

Thank Goodness for Different is a children’s ebook that focuses on “feeling different”. This is and has always been a topic we can all relate to, young or old, and can be a real source of anxiety for many of our little ones. All the illustrations in this book were drawn and crafted by hand, using beautiful paper, paint, and a whole lot of love.

You can find my book at Smashwords (, available in PDF, mobi (for Kindle), and EPUB for iBooks. I would love to hear what you think, so please do leave me a review on Smashwords.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this book with your little ones.

Thank Goodness for Different, an ebook about feeling different, self-esteem, confidence

Thank Goodness for Different

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