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My Dearest Readers,

Today was one heck of a day. It was nerve-racking. It was exciting. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

Today was publication day!

Our picture book for highly sensitive children, All Too Much for Oliver,  is finally available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle. We have worked so long and so hard to make this happen, and it’s finally happened.

All Too Much for Oliver - Picture Book for the Highly Sensitive Child

My son reading All Too Much for Oliver

Oliver is a fictional character, but he was inspired by my little boy, and other highly sensitive little ones out there. My son gave our character his name and helped me develop my story. Oliver is very dear to me, and being able to share him with the world today is making me more emotional than I thought I’d be.

All Too Much for Oliver on Amazon- Picture book for highly sensitive children

During the journey I talked about in my last post, I had the incredible opportunity to get in touch with two people I admire more than words can say; two people who changed our lives for the better; two people who are pioneers in the field of “high sensitivity”.

Dr Elaine Aron and Dr Ted Zeff did not hesitate to read our book and send us their feedback, despite their very busy schedules. To this day, it almost feels like this was all a dream.

This is what they had to say:

“At its heart, All Too Much for Oliver is about the connection between a highly sensitive boy and a less sensitive girl. She clearly enjoys him and finds him special. She also encourages him, without judgment, to do the things he wants to do anyway. These two little children effortlessly teach us that the 20% and the 80% can be a great team.”

– Elaine Aron, Ph.D., Author of The Highly Sensitive Child

“This book creates an excellent opportunity to help sensitive children learn how to deal with overstimulation and new ways to relate to other children in a group setting.”

– Ted Zeff, Ph.D., Author of “The Strong, Sensitive Boy

It makes me so happy to be able to share this news with you today. If you know anyone who has a highly sensitive child, please share the news with them. And if you get a chance to read our book, please do leave us your honest review on Amazon. Your help will make all the difference!

Until next time my dear readers…

Leila BK

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