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Let it Go!

The lovely Brenda Dronkers from Highly Sensitive Souls invited me to write a guest post for her lovely blog. Brenda is one of the few very active people in the Highly Sensitive Child (HSC) community. She does amazing work in spreading the word of the magic and wonder that we have all seen in our little HSCs. I encourage you to visit her Facebook page and join the incredibly supportive community. She also runs a closed group where discussions are kept private.

I also hope you enjoy my post Let it Go. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

let it go parenting enjoying the moment with your kids

“(…) Anyone who is a parent knows the importance of limitations, routine and discipline when it comes to raising children. And although it may not always be pleasant, we need to let our children know we are serious. We can’t always be just pals. We can’t always stay up as late as we’d like; we can’t always have Oreos for lunch; we can’t stop brushing our teeth because it’s yucky or stop taking showers because we don’t feel like it. We can’t always let it go. But when we do get the chance once in a while, it’s nice to embrace the moment and enjoy it for what it is.”

– Let it Go! by Leila Boukarim, originally posted on Highly Sensitive Souls

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