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Is your child highly sensitive?

A few months ago I was doing some research online trying to find ways to better cope with a sensitive child. That’s when I came across a great book by Elaine Aron called The Highly Sensitive Child. Looking back now I find it strange that I hadn’t heard of this book before seeing as how it was written for this very specific character trait and, after having gone through some reviews, comes very highly recommended by moms of highly sensitive children, or as Elaine Aron refers to them, HSC’s. Being a highly sensitive person herself, and having raised a highly sensitive child, she really knows her stuff and is very careful about her wording too. Nowhere does she make you feel like this is a disease or an abnormality, as other “experts” do. On the contrary, she never fails to highlight the wonderful things that highly sensitive people bring to the world and the very important role they play.

I remember having read a comment by a mom who said that the book helped her deal with her daughter who just hated birthday parties. Seconds later I purchased the Kindle version of the book. You can also find an online test to see whether you or your child are highly sensitive. What’s especially nice is that the other offers tailored advice to parents who are both highly sensitive, to families where only one parent is highly sensitive, and to those who have other kids who are not highly sensitive.

Hope this helps you as much as it helped us!

The Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine Aron

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