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If we were having coffee – A blog linkup

Last week, I read a wonderful post titled If We Were Having Coffee. It was written by Suzie81 Speaks, a fantastic blogger. It was nice to feel like I was actually sitting with someone for coffee, and to hear about all the things they had to say. It felt so natural, so friendly. I loved it so much that Suzie, being as lovely as she is, told me about the let’s-have-coffee-together weekend blog linkup, of which Gene’O is the founder and host.

I thought I’d take this wonderful opportunity to pour my heart out, meet some amazing new bloggers, and have some coffee.

So here goes.

If we were having coffee…

One of my favorite coffee moments, in my parents' garden, under the beautiful sunshine if we were having coffee

One of my favorite coffee moments, in my parents’ garden, enjoying the beautiful sunshine

I’d probably make cake. I’d serve you a piece regardless of whether you wanted one or not, and insist you try it. You’d take a bite and love it because it truly is a spectacular cake. I wouldn’t take all the credit of course and tell you that I had an incredible recipe. You’d probably then ask me for it, and I’d tell you that I’d be selfish if I kept it all to myself. So I’d give it to you.

Then I’d sit down and tell you about our recent family trip to Italy. I’d tell you that we spent two days in Rome and the rest of our time in Tuscany, and that we were impressed by everything we saw. The great Colosseum, the breathtaking Sistine Chapel, the out-of-this-world St. Peter’s Basilica; the beautiful Tuscan scenery you can’t get enough of, the smells of leather that fill the morning air as flea markets get ready to open and the smells of truffle that replace them at noon when restaurants begin serving their beautifully crafted meals; the funny -looking three-wheeled toylike vehicles that fill the narrowest of streets; those dreamy, medieval Tuscan towns that I can walk through for days at a time, dreaming of the people who walked these very paths centuries ago. And the food. Oh the food! The pizza, the pasta, the tartufo, the gelato, the panforte, the pecorino, the parmigiano, the wine… Oh the wine! We ate and drank like there was no tomorrow. And it was wonderful!

And after I told you about all that, I would go on and tell you that as much as it all impressed us, nothing during our trip impressed more than our kids did. With everything we put them through, from the rough, never-ending trips to and from Italy, to the walking marathons we had every single day under the hot, hot sun. The complete absence of routine and anything familiar; the jetlag; the new foods we put out in front of them; the huge crowds in every town we visited; the long bumpy rides sitting in the back of that ridiculous Renault Trafic; the hose-down showers and late bedtimes. They took it all, and they took it with a smile.

if we were having coffee blog linky italy family vacation

Fun times in Italy

I’d tell you that after having struggled with our first baby and the lifestyle changes that came with him, I had forgotten what it was like to be carefree and spontaneous. I never thought it possible to feel this way when one has small children to care for. I was impressed and very happily surprised that not only did it happen, but it happened while we were far away from the comfort of our home, with a toddler and a Highly Sensitive Child who were more than happy to join in the fun and adventure. It was amazing to see how our children have grown into these incredible little people. It was also nice to see how my husband and I have grown into the parents we are today, and to realize how we have all adapted to each other, finding common ground and mutual understanding, bringing us together as one harmonious unit that I couldn’t be more proud of.

I’d tell you that despite the sore legs and back, the exhaustion, the long trip back and the sleepless nights we had to endure after we got back, all I could think about was the next adventure with my family. It doesn’t have to be miles away for it to be fun; it doesn’t have to be planned for it to happen. I’ll be ready for it every day, when we go on bike rides in our neighborhood and discover new playgrounds; when we have picnics by the lake and have the time of our lives; when we go on poorly planned road trips to Malaysia and end up in an awful beach resort that this kids will love anyway; when we spend way too much time at the beach only to suddenly notice that the sun has long been set and my babies are still running in the sand. I’d tell you that all those things have already happened, and that I want more. For the very first time, I feel like the dark cloud of night time feedings, serious sleep deprivation, baby food preparation, establishing healthy routines, and struggling to get to know our children and understand how to make them happy and healthy, has finally passed. And it has made way for something lighter and more pleasant.

Something, it seems, we are all ready to start enjoying.

ready for adventure, if we were having coffee blog linkup

If we were having coffee, I’d probably have had about five cups by now, only to realize that not only have I drank the coffee pot dry, but that I’ve also been doing all the talking. I’d apologize sincerely as I made more coffee, and ask you what you’ve been up to.

So tell me, what have you been up to?

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