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Stories and Crafts for Kids + Writing workshops for older kids

Join me for a 45-minute session of stories, crafts, and discussion about books and what they mean to us. 

Every session will focus on one picture book that I will read out loud. Together, we'll discuss the story, illustrations, meaning, style, and so much more. Every reading will be followed by a relevant, easy-to-follow craft that will allow us to further focus on the message of the book. 

The purpose of these sessions is not only entertainment (who doesn't love a good story?) but also to nurture the love of reading and the improvement of literacy skills.

Picture books are unique storytelling tools as they combine verbal and visual narratives to tell a whole and compelling story in very few words. They offer layers of meaning and leave it to the reader to interpret and understand them. They promote empathy and visual literacy that help to enhance emotional maturity and empathy. CHANGE ALL THIS!


BY Leila Boukarim and Barbara Moxham



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